Download Problems

Try this first

A lot of our download problems are caused by interference from virus checkers. The first thing to do is to turn off background checking with your virus checker and then restart your computer (as we have found that many virus checkers do not truly switch off background checking until they have been restarted!). Once you have done this then return to the download page and try to use the standard installation process again.

If this does not solve your problem then you will need to manually undertake a two-stage installation process

Two Stage Installation

Our software has been produced using the Adobe AIR language. If you have an older computer then it is likely that you do not have Adobe AIR on your computer. The install button on the previous screen should have detected this and installed AIR before it tried to download our software. However we have found that some computers do not seem to behave properly! You will need to follow Steps 1 and 2, and if Step 2 still does not work, Step 3.

1. Click here to open a new window which you can then use to download and install AIR

2. Click here to manually download our software and save it to your desktop (if you are using Windows) or look in your Downloads folder (if you are using Mac OS X). Find the file on your desktop - it will have a name starting with the word AirReader, double-click it and it will start to install our software.

If you still have problems then please send us an email by clicking here