Reinstall the Database

If you do not follow Step 1 in its entirity you will not be able to re-install your database.  This is especially important if you have just purchased a new study kit as an update to an old study kit as the activation details you will need are your original details - which Step 1 finds for you - and not the details you were sent for your update. So please make your life easier and follow Step 1.

  1. Go to the main test page (Study, Test etc), drop down the iPhone/iPad Connectivity menu and select the first option - How to register your iPhone/iPad.  Make a note of your activation details from this dialog - they may not be the registration details you were sent with your latest activation email.  If you cannot see this drop down menu then you are using version 1 of the software. You can either uninstall version 1 and install version 2 or find this information by dropping down the Help menu and selecting About - the information is contained within the list in the top half of the screen.
  2. If you want to keep your progress statistics then drop down the iPhone/iPad Connectivity menu and try to select Link your iPhone/iPad to this computer.  If you are not able to select the menu option (it will be greyed out) then you are already linked to an iPhone or iPad and you just need to go to step 4.  
  3. If you have not linked it to an iPhone or iPad then click here and enter the details you have saved in step 1. Now return to step 2 and the linking process should be carried out.  If this does not happen then you must have entered the incorrect details into the form so you will need to repeat this step, checking that you have written the details down correctly.
  4. If you are keeping your statistics drop down the Update menu and select Internet Update
  5. Now drop down the Help menu and select About
  6. At the bottom right hand side of the screen is a button with Delete Database on it. Click this button and confirm your decision
  7. Restart the Computerised Study Kit and use your activation details to register the software. The database will be downloaded and rebuilt.
  8. If you are also restoring your progress information then repeat step 2 above.

All should now be in order.