Installation Error

Despite our best efforts, users have experienced problems when they try to install the latest version of the Computerised Study Kit onto a computer which has an older version already installed.  This problem is resolved by uninstallaing the old version of the software and then installing the latest version.  If you are using Windows then this cannot be done using Add/Remove Programs - you must use the procedure we are about to show you.

Firstly you need to ascertain the existing Computerised Study Kit version on your computer. Start the Computerised Study Kit and when you are at the main screen (Study. Test etc), drop down the Help menu and select About.  Towards the top of the screen you will see the version number of the software as shown in the image below.  If this version number starts with a 1 then click here to be take to the page to uninstall version 1.  If it is version 2.6 then click here to uninstall version 2.6.

 software version