What People Say

Here at Advance Training we are proud of the many positive comments that we have received since we started producing the Computerised Study Kit in 1996. Here are just some of them.

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Overall very good, achieved 86% using a combination of methods and a plan. Your system the most beneficial part supplemented with the others.

BG. South Yorkshire

Very easy to use. I found the whole experience of using the computer package excellent. It really helped me get a grasp of the question formats and the content.

DA. Cheshire

Without a shadow of a doubt in my mind using this computerised study kit finally allowed me to pass this exam. Relevant questions, simply explained with reinforced legislation attached hammers home what is required. 

JG. Cumbria

Your product was the best revision tool for me.  It helped a lot with understanding how the questions work.  Thank you.

MC. Lincolnshire

An excellent learning tool with great back-up. Thank you.

JA. Devon & Cornwall

It was very useful in that it followed the chapters of Blackstone's. I was able to study a chapter and then complete the questions on the computer. I then used explanations to develop my study to gain a better understanding.

JS. Sussex

I found it very useful in support of the Blackstone's books by reading a section in the book and testing myself on the Computerised Study Kit which helped by filling in the bits I didn't understand.

JD. North Yorkshire

I thought the Study Kit was very helpful, the questions helped me to prepare for the exam in their style and content. I sat the exam last year and failed, this package I found very helpful and this year I passed.

SE. North Wales

This was my 4th attempt at part 1. It was the first time I used a study kit and I found it excellent and passed.

TS. Metropolitan

Previously taken 3 times and failed. First year with Advance passed. Speaks for itself.

AW. South Yorkshire

After 20 years I took the exam and passed first time. Without doubt this was due to using Advance Training. I can honestly say that the quality of the questions and explanations were the main factors in passing the exam.

MH. Devon & Cornwall

I do not see how anybody who uses this Study Kit can fail the exam. I have 19 years service and have never before sat the exam. As far as I am concerned it was money well spent and I shall recommend it to others

CB. Leicestershire

The questions were excellent at identifying any weaker areas and assessing my progress. The kit was easy to use and I am sure played a major part in my success.

GA. Metropolitan

Generally the software was very helpful and kept my interest much longer than the Blackstone's manuals.

ES. Metropolitan

This system should be the benchmark for all part 1 training. The program was very easy to use and I managed all the questions. It was due to your program I passed.

DB. Metropolitan

Very pleased with the ease of installation and use. Particularly liked the "Progress" function. Many thanks.

AC. British Transport

Excellent revision package well presented. I certainly don't think I would have passed without it!

RG. Nottinghamshire

I found that the questions were relevant and of a standard similar to those in the exam. I feel that without the aid of the Computerised Study Kit I would not have achieved a pass

JC. South Yorkshire

I found your questions more difficult than any others I had seen. This was very beneficial as it made me study the books to a greater level than I would have done which definitely helped me.

TM Northamptonshire

Practice makes perfect as they say! Many thanks for what was overall an in-depth and easy to use package. 

EC. Merseyside