What People Say

Here at Advance Training we are proud of the many positive comments that we have received since we started producing the Computerised Study Kit in 1996. Here are just some of them.

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I managed to pass and had fairly consistent mark in each subject area which can only be down to the revision timetable and questions. The questions in the package were very close to the exam style and it allowed me to pace myself through the allocated exam time finishing with five minutes left on the clock.

BR, South Wales

I have used the study questions twice now. Once for the detectives exam and once for the Sergeants. I passed both exams first time, which in part I am confident is because of the Advance Training question pack for PC. I have achieved high marks in both exams.  

MP, Thames Valley

Just wanted to say the software I bought to pass the NIE exam was really helpful and so easy to use. Not only did assist in exam sceanrios but also as a study aid. As a result passed my NIE with a good mark! Thanks

CP, Northants

Excellent package. Great value for money. Helped me pass Inspectors Ospre exam first time.

DE, Dorset

I've taken the inspectors exam before and failed. These questions were my main method of preparing for Ospre this year and I passed, they were invaluable. Having the questions available on my phone was a great help, this meant I could revise anywhere, anytime.

SB, Devon and Cornwall

When I studied for the PC to Sgt exam I read the Blackstone's books. It was so dull, boring and was not effective study. This package was far more interesting and I scored 76%. I scored that without ever picking up a book even once!

CV, Metropolitan

All in all I would highly recommend your study kit. I used Blackstones online questions for my Sgt's but much preferred your study kit. Easy to use, really comprehensive and very good value for money.

BT, Kent

Great software. I found many of the questions framed in the same way as your package.

RT, Thames Valley

I have no doubt whatsoever that the Computer Study Kit was the difference between passing and failing...I have recommended this to all my colleagues taking the Sergeants exam next year as an absolute must buy!

SP, Thames Valley

Usefull study aid used on all promotion and cid exams and passed first go. Thanks

SE, South Yorks

I wouldn't have passed without being able to have a database of questions and answers. You were recommended and I can tell why. Many thanks

IF, Kent

Have advised a couple of my PC's who are going for PS Rank to consider ADV due to good overall experience

DF, Metropolitam

Genuinely think it's a brilliant tool to assist in passing the exam

MT, S Yorks

Great programme,  just I should have started using it earlier

AP, Norfolk

I scored the highest result in my constabulary and the 2nd highest result nationally and without doubt this was only achieved through your Q&A package - many thanks.

KE. North Wales

A great study aid, balanced well with the Blackstones Books. Would defo recommend!!

AW. West Mercia

Brilliant product, I know I was the only officer from my police station that used the product and I was the only one to pass.

MP. Cheshire
Brilliant tool for my learning style; I hardly used anything except this software.  My pass mark was exactly my average score using this kit.

JT. Wiltshire
Good all round package. Highly recommended.
AP. Devon and Cornwall

I have tried several forms of study be it Blackstone's, crammer courses, Tom Barron etc. first time I tried these questions I passed! I cannot thank you enough

JW. Lincolnshire