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    How did we get here?
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The History of Advance Training

It was in 1995 when he was taking OSPRE Part 1 that David Anson was frustrated at the lack of assistance in studying for the exam. OSPRE had only been operational for a few years and there was very little else apart from 7 questions a week in Police Review. The day after he took the exam he started producing the first commercially-available multiple-choice question and answer package for the OSPRE Part 1 exam.

The following year David resigned from the Police Service for personal reasons - nothing more sinister than he got married which involved a move away from Lancashire - and formed Advance Training

Since 1996 Advance Training's software has been successfully used by tens of thousands of police officers and has been installed in over half the forces in England and Wales.

What people say...

Overall very good, achieved 86% using a combination of methods and a plan. Your system the most beneficial part supplemented with the others.

BG. South Yorkshire